Large part CNC machining up to 12 m!

Production of machine parts and tools and other parts of metal and plastic according to the design, sample or our construction.


Due to many years of being active in the field of machining, we acquired valuable mission, which helps us, along with our work commitment, to provide high quality service and customer satisfaction. This is our main priority.


In order to expand further production, by primarily putting quality over quantity, we became a competitive business entity in the domestic market. Everyday presence in a foreign market, allowed us to establish fair competition even abroad. Developing our own products is the ultimate goal we are working on.
The end goal that we are working on is a development of our own products.


By continuous investments in new technologies, improvement of knowledge and technological solutions,Emp-usluge will persistently work on improvement of production, increase of work capacity and quality of service provision.

About us

Emp-usluge was founded in 1997. The main activity of the craft is metal machining. We started our business on metal processing machines with conventional control, while we placed our products primarily on the market of the Republic of Croatia. Furthermore, in 1998, we broke into the European Union market and began our cooperation with business partners in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

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